4 Things You Must Do When Blogging

4 Things for a successful


Make sure you are monitoring your traffic using Google Analytics to track where your blog traffic is coming from.

Tracking your web analytics allows you to see how many page visits you have, the amount of time people stay on your site, where they came from and much more.  You can track your analytics by creating a free Google Analytics account here.

Knowing where your visitors come from shows you where your target audience is finding you and will give you an insight into which platforms you should put more time into. For example, I get the majority of my traffic via https://twitter.com, you can read my blog on getting the best from Twitter here https://the-social-media-concierge.co.uk/win-twitter-gain-clients/ so I put most of my efforts into promoting my blog on this channel.



Creating valuable content suited to your target market is extremely important.  It will set you apart as an expert in your niche. Once you grow this trust it will be much easier to sell your products or services on your blog.

You MUST create good consistent content. Why not create yourself a content calendar.You can do this via Google Calendar or there are a ton of wordpress plugins to help you with this if you host your blog on wordpress.  What type of content will you give out? How often will you give it out? Creating great content is a good way to build your readership and email list. For instance I like to do a lot of how to or top tips posts. If you are in the fitness niche you could read my old blog on my top 80 ideas on things to blog about https://the-social-media-concierge.co.uk/top-80-ideas-fitness-blogs/


Your email system IS YOUR BIGGEST ASSET!

Your email list is very sacred, and you should take good care of your subscribers.  iFf you ever decide to sell an e-book or e-course, your email list will more than likely to be your first port of call to sell to.  Check with your service provider to see if you can automate a weekly RSS newsletter to automatically send your blog out to your readers (mailchimp has this ability).

Tracking your email open rates will give you an idea of whether or not your subject line is enticing enough. Because the average person gets about a trillion emails per day (well I do for sure!), make sure your headline stands out.

Pro tip: Invite people to join your newsletter with an attractive subscription form. Also, avoid using forms that simply say, “Subscribe to My Newsletter!” You’re likely to get more subscribers if you give them something for free. For instance I offer my fitpro readers a free 12 step action plan on how to set up a 12 month referral marketing campaign.


Your social media system involves connecting with your audience daily. It should be used to bring more awareness to your blog, email list.  It’s also just a great place to interact with your community. Use hashtags that a potential reader may be interested in. You can automate your blog to your social media channels using something like https://ifttt.com/

Top tip: Figure out which social media channel brings you the most traffic and SYSTEMISE THE SHIT OUT OF IT!


The Social Media Concierge

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