How I Accidentally Became A Facebook Ads Consultant

My Story. How I accidentally became a Facebook Ads Consultant.

So I got challenged in The Lovely Katya Varbanova’s Facebook Group to tell the world why, or how in my case I accidentally became a Facebook Ads Consultant. Check her group out, she is really cool! 

Hey I never woke up one day and said “Eureka, Imma gonna be a really cool Facebook Ads Expert”.

Buckle up for the ride kids, it’s a tale of woe that ends with a WOW this is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Way back in 2007 or something I decided to quit my career as an estimator in a plumbers merchants. A job I had done since I left school but to be honest lets face it answering the phone everyday and being asked how much copper tube is today is pretttyyyyyy boorrrriiinnnnggggggggggg.







Off I trotted to become a group fitness instructor and go work in a gym. Let me tell you that was the most fun I have ever had at work! I met some awesome people and laughed heartily











Flash forward to around 2013. I was starting to feel pretty burnt out. Dancing around all day can do that to you. Try jogging on the spot for 8 hours and thats what my life was like daily. THEN a vile virus hit me and left me with labrynthitis. If you don’t know what that is its a horrific ear infection that makes you fall over. There were days I really didn’t want to get out of bed let alone go and teach 4 or 5 classes!

After a warning from the doctor “You are slowly killing yourself love”. Believe me that frightened the crap out of me! I decided I really needed to cut back so I did a personal training course and dropped half of my classes to go and PT from a local gym. Did this improve my health? No did it bollocks, I ended up working  even more hours.







However I had a brainwave (my brains always coming up with random business ideas at 3am). 

I’m gonna do some online personal training plans to sell! Eureeeeeekkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I spent a few months developing my training plans and diet programs and testing them on unsuspecting family members

Thanks Mother Rent! Hey she lost a stone, nothing to complain about!

Right rubs hands excitedly. I’m ready for blast off. Who wants to BUY my shit. I’ve built it surely the people will come? Er, no, think again. 

Back in those days Facebook Advertising was pretty much an untapped new fangled thing that nobody had heard of let alone knew how to use. Great I’ll give that a blast! I’ve got nothing to lose except a few quid. 

I set up my first ad campaign, which to be fair I just guessed my way through. Off I went to sleep and posted on Facebook that my new online training empire had been launched.

I got up the next morning to, or should I say YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!

I had only gone and sold 500 memberships to my online training!

Woooaaahhhhhhhhh. Wait what? Jesus, this new shizzle from Facebook is the bomb! 

I actually made £5k profit from one ad campaign in the space of about 3 days.

Over time I got approached on a daily basis by other Fitpro’s asking me to show them how to use Facebook Advertising.

I was still mega busy with my Fitness Business and just ignored a lot of the messages as I never had time to read them all as there were that many!

However a Personal Trainer friend said to me, you know Claire you are the only person out in the fitness world who understands this shit. You really ought to think of building a business teaching people how to use it. 

I thought a bit about this and although I liked the idea I also still loved my fitness business.

However, the universe had other plans for me!









I had been training a client outside my house one day and had left all my equipment in the hallway. Guess what! I fell over a bloody barbell in the dark and snapped my wrist and broke my nose! Great. This resulted in an emergency operation to repin me back together and some enforced time off work.

My thoughts cast (LOL)back to that convo with my mate and I thought, you know he is correct. I can’t run around from class to class and client to client forever. I still had my online clients but decided to start building a new business as a Plan B. Who know’s whats around the corner.

I returned back to “work” once the bones had fused and worked on operation The Social Media Concierge when I wasn’t working. Now if you know me well, you will know I bloody hate building websites. 

I eventually decided to take on a couple of personal trainers as clients to help them grow their business on Facebook. I found I absolutely loved seeing someone else’s business grow! But wait, my personal training clients need me too. So began a few months of will I or won’t I.

Guess what. The universe stepped in again. Don’t you just love fate! I was going to a friends wedding all glammed up in the most ridiculous pair of high heels you have ever seen and caught my heel in a cobble stone. This resulted in actually breaking four toes on my right foot in a pretty bad way. I think the hospital actually used my X Rays in the Radiology School and deemed my foot “the worst break we have ever seen”. They thought I had fell off a horse at high speed.

Mr Surgeon said it was gonna take a long time for the injury(s) to heal and I might want to think of changing careers as there was no chance of me returning to teaching classes for the forseeable future.

So to cut a long story short I pretty much immersed myself into learning everything there was to learn about Facebook Advertising as Plan B was now Plan A! I found I got really excited when my ad campaigns were working and getting my clients a massive ROI from their original ad spends. 

So as I said earlier what I thought was a huge disaster and a career change was one of the best things that ever happened to me! I’ve spent two summers in Greece with my laptop running my ads consultancy as you know I can actually work from anywhere these days! 

You might be pleased to know though that my toes have healed up now and I’ve even taken up teaching classes again as a hobby! Woohoo! All’s well that ends well! So that is how I accidentally became a Facebook Ads Consultant.

Have you ever had a major life change that ended up being awesome in the end? 




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