Are You Doing Marketing The Right Way

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Marketing is a lot less complicated than you may have been led to believe.

Essentially marketing is

  • Identifying your target market
  • Discovering the needs of your target market
  • Developing a plan to execute a unique offering
  • Creating and retaining a loyal following


Creating and retaining loyal customers who actively engage with your brand

Marketing is essential for your business otherwise there will be no business.

Here are some top tips on beginning to understand niche marketing.


  1. Don’t create a product or service that suits you. If you want to make money you need to sell your product. Create products or services that your niche wants or needs, and not something you WANT.
  2. You can’t sell to everyone. Focus on your target market, don’t try to sell to everybody.
  3. Make sure you can deliver what your target market wants. You must be able to deliver a product your target market needs,otherwise your business will fail
  4. Identify your niche target. This is very important. You will be far more successful if you understand niche marketing. Locate untapped niche markets to find untapped earning potential,learn everything about them and tap into that. Make offers to them they will find hard to resist. Hone in on their “pain points”
  5. Don’t make your marketing message too general. Your prospective clients want to feel that you have something they can’t live without. Speak to them in their language in your marketing. Nobody wants to hear about “fatloss” they just want to know what you can do for them and in what time frame. Don’t baffle them with science and “buzzwords”. It will mean nothing to anyone but fellow fitpros.
  6. Find underserved niches. This will reap MASSIVE rewards. Find a market nobody is servicing and tap into it. Be thatgo to guy or girl. Become the expert.
  7. Know how to pick a profitable niche. The niche must be big enough to supply you with unlimited clients. The people in the niche must be able to afford your fees. They must have a burning need for your product. Are the people in your niche from a certain professional group, ie perhaps you want to be the specialist weightloss trainer for “fat nurses”. This will be easier to penetrate that particular niche to offer your services.
  8. Get known in your niche. Seek every opportunity you can find to network,speak,write and share your knowledge to gain massive exposure. You want everyone to know that you are THAT guy or girl.
  9. Understand your market. Once you narrow down who you want to work with, you just identify what it is that they need.
  10. Create a profile of your ideal client.  What are the issues and the problems they face, what do they need,what result do they want from you,what benefits will they get from working from you. For instance I only work with personal trainers who don’t either understand or have the time for social media marketing, they need to increase their online presence and get their brand known,working with me will save them time,stress,improve brand awareness and identify hot sales leads in their niche. See how easy that was!!

So hopefully these tips will help you find and understand what niche you are working in and how to begin to market to them.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Claire Aberdeen is an expert in social media marketing and brand awareness. She works mostly with fitness professionals to help them with social media marketing and getting their brand known in a digital world.[/author_info] [/author]



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