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Testimonial From A Gym Franchise

Dean CrouchArea ManagerEnergie Fitness North East As a fitness club operator working in a competitive and expanding industry we have always been looking to develop products and services that really stand out from the crowd. We knew social media could have a real impact on our membership sales and with this in mind we

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Understanding Facebook Ads Terminology

When it comes to understanding the performance of your Facebook Ad campaigns does the lingo and terminology flumix (great word) you.  In this blog post I break down how to understand Facebook Ads terminology so you can understand how your ads are performing. Understand What Core Metrics Mean for Facebook Ads AnalysisI will break down what

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YouTube Stories: Success Tips From a Top YouTuber
Think I'll do a livestream case study of how I've grown a gyms memberships by 300 new members in the last 3 months. Who's interested?
Which social media platform to you use most? a. Facebook b. Instagram c. LinkedIn d. Snapchat e. Pinterest f. Twitter

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