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Understanding Facebook Ads Terminology

When it comes to understanding the performance of your Facebook Ad campaigns does the lingo and terminology flumix (great word) you.  In this blog post I break down how to understand Facebook Ads terminology so you can understand how your ads are performing. Understand What Core Metrics Mean for Facebook Ads AnalysisI will break down what

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The Return Of Job Title Targeting

Facebook is reinstating job title targetingSo if you recall (lets face who couldn't forget it) Facebook went through a bit of turmoil earlier this year with data breaches and scandals.  During this time they deactivated a lot of targeting options. This caused a lot of unrest in the marketing world due to the inability to

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Advanced Tips For Facebook Advertising

Here are some advanced tips for facebook advertising THE NEED TO RUN FACEBOOK ADVERTISING IS PRETTY UNIVERSAL FOR ALL BUSINESS OWNERS Click to Tweet From the creative freedom that Facebook offers to the ability to laser-target specific demographics, it’s no secret why these ads continue to boom. But this boom in advertising signals a pressing

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