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Are You Running Ads But Bringing In Low Quality Leads?

Unqualified leads are most likely:

1. Wasting your time.
2. Costing you money on your advertising campaigns and not converting to sales
3. Making you drop your prices.
4. Destroying your morale.

So what are you doing wrong? 

You're talking to the lead TOO SOON.

You are running ads to cold traffic and trying to convert them too soon. 

If you ask them to book onto a webinar, or even watch a video and are asking for the sale straight away it will fall upon deaf ears. Its wayyyyyyyyyyy too soon. They probably won't know, trust or like you at this point in your funnel. 

You're asking them to make a decision too soon!

They are highly unlikely to buy from you immediately.

So, what's the solution?

Ensure You Have A Good Offer Before You Start


Use a mixture of videos, blog posts, testimonials and case study's to be consistently in your prospects newsfeed. 

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    Step 1 It's all about the content.
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    Step 2. Retarget into your sales funnel.
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    Step 3. Now run your ads to your offer

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