How To Build Custom Audiences For Facebook Lead Ads


Are you using Facebook Lead Ads?

In todays blog I show you how to build custom audiences with your Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook recently released into the ads dashboard the ability to build custom audiences from Lead Ads.

In this quick video I show you how to build custom audiences from different actions on your ad.

  1. Everyone who has opened the ad
  2. Everyone who has opened it but not submitted their details
  3. Everyone who has submitted their details

From this I would retarget all those who have opened it and not submitted it with another ad with a reminder that times running out to download/read/open/view your content.

Save the audience from those who have submitted their details to run an offer to later (Don’t leave it too late as they will have forgotten who you are).

I also show you how you would create a lookalike audience from those who submitted the form to rerun the ad to.

Any questions please feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Twitter. 





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