Case Study For Gym Membership Sales

**Case Study - Gym Chain*

This is a campaign for a gym chain for one of their locations.

I took this over from an agency that was failing to get any decent results for them.

This is the amount of enquiries one of the clubs has had since I took the account over last month.

Just shows you how getting someone in who understand the fitness industry, fitness trends and membership sales can have an effect on the performance of a campaign.

This gym chain is local to me so I literally just go in and tell them what classes I want filmed and what content I need.

It's all about understanding your target audience, geographic area and the latest trends.

This particular club has a big fat river yards from the club so I know I can't us the location plus a km radius around the club as nobody on the otherside of the river will travel over unless they have a boat.

We are currently geo targeting the postcodes within the gyms catchment area.

Dean Crouch

Gym Manager

Claire has proven to be a fantastic aid in boosting the number of leads coming into our fitness club and has helped us to improve our results from social media significantly. A recent campaign she ran for us regarding a new group exercise offering within the fitness club has proved to be one of our most successful to date and is running now at full capacity every single week. I would highly recommend Claire if you are needing any advice or assistance regarding social media!

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