Facebook Ads Case Study From A Fitness Training Company.

Meet Keith. 

Keith was a client of mine way back in 2017.

Here's his story..........

Keith came to me cap in hand as he needed help with his business.

He was cancelling courses left, right and centre due to low attendance.

Now one thing I'm really good at is stepping into your business and looking at it from the outside.

I'm really good at systemising and strategising your backend process's.

A. To keep things simple for your prospects

B. To streamline your backend systems so you spend less time faffing on and get on with giving your clients an amazing service.

C. Helps you to stop going into panic mode when you are desperate for new clients, you need to pay the bills after all.

So how did I help Keith?

So I stepped in and consulted on setting up a new lead magnet to attract prospects into his sales funnel.

We used a free course prospectus to get their phone numbers and email addresses.

Using Zapier (It's a great tool by the way so check it out) to automate the leads from his ad campaigns into his funnel.

He then set up a daily call cycle system and reached out to the prospects to come in for a chat about their training requirements.

Guess what.

He actually called me after out initial 3 month contract was up as ALL HIS COURSES WERE FULL.

Wow! Brilliant.

To book a one hour strategy session with me to review your systems and process and go away with a strategy plan after the call, click the link below. It's not free but worth every penny if you get results like Keith. 

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