Facebook Ads Expert Explains Why You Should Never Boost Posts On Facebook


As a Facebook Ads expert my first tip to my coaching clients is to never use the boost post button. You want to measure and track your results right? When you hit the boost post button you are at Facebook’s mercy. They will decide where and to who your ad is shown.

Sure you are given some targeting options but they will be nowhere near as effective as using the targeting options in the Adverts Manager or the Power Editor. Try to resist hitting the boost post button and instead invest sometime in learning how to use the more advanced options.

Getting a good ROI from your advertising campaigns take’s a lot of work and is a steep learning curve. If you are just boosting posts you are literally throwing money down the drain.

With every ad campaign you should be tracking and measuring your results by adding tracking pixels and custom audience pixels to the relevant pages on your website, then retargeting those people who have visited your website.

To create a custom audience pixel go to Adverts Manager, click on tools, then audiences.








Select create custom audience.







Select the website traffic option.

Then either send the code to your web designer or load to the relevant webpages between <head> and <head>


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  1. By Andrea Smith Posted on October 20, 2015

    Great article.

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