Facebook Advertising School


So, the time has come!

You want to run your first Facebook ad for your company, right?


Whether you're that newbie who's jusssst dipping their toe in the Facebook ads water, OR you're swimming against the constant Facebook tide of new features - I'm here to tell you all about my NEW Facebook Advertising School that will help you whatever your experience level or reason for wanting to run Facebook campaigns for your business.

"But Claire, what do I get in your Facebook Ads school? Isn't it just another Facebook course like, you know, all the bajillion others?"

Nope. Unlike other courses that you may have bought and that are sitting there on your hard drive gathering digital dust - in MY course, I focus ONLY on forensic step-by-step stuff. My videos are me taking you through eaaaaach step without assuming you know anything! I literally take you from zero to Facebook ads hero on topics such as:

* Understanding how to build and use custom audiences (NOT a small thing - and I show you all the latest methods!)

* Master advertising on Instagram (and yes, you want to be on instagram running ads, let me tell you!)

* How to create a high-converting ads funnel to grow your email lists and explode into a profitable source of income!

* Find out how to set up dynamic ads for multiple products (saaay whaaaaa....? Yeah, that's what the lectures explain!)

* Discover how to master the Power Editor and all it's hidden features (grown-ups use Power Editor. Leave the basics behind)

* Plus lots more. 

In fact - you know what? FORGET "zero to hero" training..

This course is ZERO TO ROCKSTAR - in the shortest time I can cram your head with step by step processes! IMPLEMENTATION is the focus, rather than boring long-winded explanations (although I will explain stuff of course!)

So: Within the next 5 mins, I'm going to walk you through setting up your campaigns from start to finish - and I will also be throwing in some ninja tips and tricks I've never revealed before (i know i know - sounds sales, but trust me - I get paid a metric shed load of money to keep on top of this stuff, and this is the ONLY WAY I can get this info out of my head in quicktime to paying people such as yourself without charging you my normal rates. Fair?)

Oh - and remember - as Facebook ads is a constantly changing platform, you need to be one step ahead of the crowd. Facebook Advertising School will be revealing (and testing so you don't have to) all the new features and changes to the Ads Platform as they are released. I'm looking forward to revealing all my tips and tricks so you can make more money from Facebook Advertising in your business!

Anyway, I can bang on all day about this stuff - i LOVE IT! But YOU need to get stuck in right now right?

AH - HANG ON! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR MY SCHOOL if you're going to be thinking you can make a million in a weekend. That's NOT the market I cater to - the "get rich quick" people and the usual internet marketing crowd who make you feel like a loser if you are making less than 80000 figures per day.

BUTTTTTT.... if you're a normal everyday person who just wants to make Facebook ads work for them and their business - I'm your chick. I promise you will love this course and I TOTALLY promise you'll get results if you complete it and apply everything you learn.


Yeah it is! See you inside!

Claire x


Course Contents

47 Videos
1 Multimedia
38 Texts
8.0 hrs