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Content marketing should be a HUGE part of your marketing efforts. Producing the right content  for your audience is the hardest part. Here’s some top tips to inspire you to blog more.

  • Turn your email into blog post ideas. We all subscribe to numerous email newsletters, have a look through them for some ideas and topics to inspire you to write. Do NOT however just copy and paste the articles unless you post a link the original source on your blog as that’s just plain rude.
  • Embed videos into your blog posts. You don’t need fancy equipment your smartphone will do. I found this great article online about shooting great videos with a smartphone, you can read it here
  • Do you get asked the same questions constantly from numerous clients? Why not turn them into a blog post you can share with them or a FAQ blog post
  • People love lists and facts, ie your top ten favourite healthy eating recipes
  • Relate a post to a high profile TV show ie how to train like <insert celebrity of choice>

You can also read my old blog 80 ideas for fitness blogs here >>

Here are some useful blogging tools to check out:

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo helps you find great ideas that already have proven to be share-worthy and popular. By entering a topic or domain name, you receive about 10 free results (you can upgrade to a paid account to gather more results).  BuzzSumo shows you the share statistics from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more for each article.

2. Trello

Use  Trello to create an editorial calendar to keep you on track. You could create a board for every month and add your subjects so you know what you want to write about. Add a deadline to keep you focused.

3. Google Analytics

Make sure you are regularly analysing your traffic to see which social channels give you the most traffic and put more effort into the places that garner you most traffic.

4. Paid Ads

If you want to get more eyes on your blogs you are going to need to run some paid advertising to them from Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you have added a capture box to your email marketing on every blog post.

5. CoSchedule

Creating great content on a regular basis requires an organized schedule, and CoSchedule is one of the best editorial calendar tools available. The program offers a drag-and-drop calendar interface that’s easy and intuitive to use.

6. Social Media

Make sure you are consistently sharing your blog posts to all your social media channels. I post at least 2 different blogs per day into my Twitter feed as that’s where I get all my traffic from. You can use a scheduling tool like Buffer for this

7. Email Marketing

Check with your email marketing provider to see if they have the ability to set up an RSS Driven Newsletter. This will automate a newsletter to your list everytime you write a new blog. Track your opening rates and tweek your headlines if necessary for more opens. If you use mailchimp you can convert your list into a custom audience in the Facebook Ads platform to promote to them from there as well.

More top tips from me coming soon.


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