Learn How To Get The Best Out Of A Twitter Chat And Why You Should Be Using Them

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Want to meet likeminded people or promote your business in your local town or niche?

Perhaps you’d like advice from a specialist  in your niche. Maybe you just want to grow your network and reach out to potential customers.

Whatever your reason for reaching out, Twitter Chats are a great way of doing so.

All you need to get started is a Twitter account. Let’s take a look at how you can get involved, starting with the basics.

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter Chat is a group of people who get together on Twitter to talk about a specific topic.

There are Twitter chats about pretty much everything you can think of

Chats take place on a regular basis, usually weekly at a specific time, and usually for one hour.

During the chat, people taking part use a specific hashtag so that everyone who’s taking part in the chat gets to see their tweets.

Why Take Part in a Twitter Chat?

It’s the perfect place to reach out to new people and grow your network.

Twitter Chats are one of the best ways of meeting new people, not least because the people taking part in the chat want to talk to you.

You can use Twitter chats to:

  • Network with other business owners or find potential new customers. As you get to know people, you can share ideas, contacts and useful information.
  • Educate yourself. Twitter chats are good entry points if you want to expand your knowledge on a particular subject. They’re a good place for asking any questions you have.

A useful resource for chat hours.


The best way to get involved in a Twitter chat is just to take the plunge. Find a Chat on a topic you’re interested in, turn up on the day, and type the hashtag into the Twitter search bar. By doing this, you’ll be shown a stream of all the tweets in the chat.

When you’re ready to join in, send out a tweet that includes the hashtag. If it’s a busy chat, you’ll likely be surprised at how many replies you receive.

  • Many chats have a moderator – this is someone who’s in charge of keeping the conversation on track. When you join the chat, drop them a message to say hello and include the chat’s hashtag.
  • Remember that whatever you say in the chat is public and forever. All your Twitter followers will see your contributions to the chat.
  • Want to get the attention of another participant in the chat? Then retweet something they say, or ask them a question. Retweeting is always a way of showing agreement with what’s been said.
  • Most Twitter chats are not places for self-promotion. You will meet fascinating new people, who may become useful business contacts. Never try to sell in Twitter chats.

Start Your Own Twitter Chat

After you’ve taken part in a few Twitter chats, why not start your own?

  • Get your chat listed. Once your chat is up and running, make sure you get it listed in all the major chat directories like http:www.twubs.com
  • Be strict on yourself in keeping to the schedule. If you need a break, pass on responsibility for organizing the chat to someone else.

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