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So as some of you may know, or may not know, I’ve had a pretty grim 18 months. Firstly I fell over a barbell in the dark and completely smashed my wrist and had to have an emergency operation to pin it back together.

Here I am a few days after the op.  












Now here comes the rubbish part. After about 9 weeks in a cast when I got the cast off my joints were all locked. Yes, couldn’t bend my fingers,knuckles or wrist. So was informed by Dr Bones aka the specialist under no circumstances was I to return to teaching or do any training where I could fall, knock my wrist or do anymore damage. Now this is NOT a tale of self pity, its a tale of the long road back to fitness again. So 6 months of physio later I get the okay to go back to work (by this time I had begun to plan Plan B, The Social Media Concierge). Obviously gyms weren’t going to leave my classes open for 6-9 months until I returned so with a heavy heart I had to let them go.

Flash forward a few months, arm is starting to heal up nicely, apart from lack of rotation at the left elbow joint (bicep curls are still a bloody issue 18 months later), so decides to set up some Zumba classes in the local community centre to get back on my feet. Classes all going well, pretty busy and was looking at renting more hours and putting more classes on, then DISASTER STRUCK!!!

I was enroute to a friends wedding wearing a pair of new high heeled shoes. Trapped my heel in a cobble stone and somehow managed to fall awkwardly resulting in dislocating my little toe and breaking my three middle toes!! Oh my word, I swear disaster follows me around waiting to pounce at any given moment. So carted off the streets of Newcastle in an ambulance to the nearest hospital. Rather embarrassing as the ambulance man helped me into the ambulance hopping on one foot “Oh I know you, you are a personal trainer aren’t you? I used to see you in DW Gym all the time”. Some embarrassed mumbles later arrives at casualty. So the nice consultant decided to relocate the dislocation, luckily he was pretty hot so distracted me from the pain of having my toe shoved back in the joint. The next day I was informed by the specialist I would be off my feet for a minimum of 12 weeks and would probably need physio afterwards. Huge FFS moment as I had just recovered from the wrist op.

So once again I had to give up my beloved Zumba classes. Sob Sob.

Flash forward to after the 12 weeks as there’s nothing of any interest went on then except falling down the step in the yard trying to control a set of crutches and working on my new business.

So when the boot came off I discovered I had an odd limp and sore knee. Attempted some exercise to discover no matter what I did it hurt.

Zumba hurt my back and knee, kettlebells made my back go into spasm and so on. It’s not a happy tale at this point as I discovered I had actally gained 2.5 stone in weight with no longer teaching 20 hours of physical exercise OR doing ANY exercise.

As most trainers will probably point out, we are only human and we too can easily lose the way or fall off track.

So in January I decided I had had enough of being fat,miserable,injured and not having any interest in myself.

So after a few weeks of sports therapy and some rehab exercises I am slowly starting to be able to train again. Sadly still unable to do any impact based exercises until the damage is fully repaired.

So scrolling through my facebook newsfeed the other day I saw a status from a good personal trainer friend of mine looking for volunteers to trial an 8 week program for him in exchange for some testimonials and progress photos.

Yes!! This will get me back on track I thought. I just needed a boot up the arse to get my mojo back.

So I am 7 days into what I liked to jokingly call “online fatcamp hell”.

7 days without






You can follow my #repairclaire tales on my instagram account here >>

Next week involves a ghastly week of only meat,fish,veg and water.

I will update you of my progress in 7 days.

Claire Ex Group Fitness Instructor Hunter








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