Are You Making These Common Website Mistakes?

Your website has the potential to sell your products and services on your behalf 24-7. Sadly a lot of small businesses make easily avoidable website mistakes. If you recognise any of the following mistakes, NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

Not having a way to capture leads. If your website does not have a lead capture or an opt in box, you have no way of collecting the names and contact details of prospective clients. This could cost you a lot of lost revenue in terms of lost sales and referrals as you won’t have anyway of contacting them once they leave your site.

Believing prospective clients care about your website.  No-one cares about your website, seriously they just don’t. Why should they? All they care about is, do you have a solution to their problem? Most people visit a website to:

  • Find information
  • Make a purchase
  • Entertainment
  • To be part of a community ie membership site

Not organising your website categories. Being tricky or ironic with your website categories labels is a huge mistake. When choosing the names keep your audience in mind. Use terms that are familiar with them.

Distracting people. Don’t throw irrelevant links at people. Make your site easy for your visitors to navigate. Things that can get in the way of a sale:

  • Flash splash pages with too much content
  • Animations
  • Too much text
  • Too many pictures

Not having a plan to drive traffic to your website. You need to let people know your website exists amongst all the other bajillion websites on the internet. You must have a plan to gain traffic. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website.

Optimise your site to perform well in Google searches

Advertise using a pay per click service like Google Adwords

Facebook advertising

Twitter advertising (Twitter has a great tool called webcards to drive traffic to your website, I will upload a tutorial to this on my next blog)

Generate links via other websites

Online and offline PR

Traditional advertising (ie local newspapers, magazines etc)

Not telling people what your website is about. I have many times looked at websites which were graphically beautiful but wondered what they were selling, what did they want me to do? Visitors spend an average of 8 seconds deciding whether your website is of any interest to them. If your website does not tell them what it is about, you have lost them forever. They will never return.

Not optimising your website for mobile browsers. These days more and more people are accessing the internet via a mobile browser. Everybody in the universe (including my Mam) owns a smartphone. I hate clicking to a site and having to scroll it around my phone screen to read the content.

Not telling visitors what you want them to do. Once you have grabbed their attention with a compelling headline you need to force them to take action. Dont let them be put off taking action there and then as they are likely to forget about your offer. Build some scarcity.

  • Click here to book now spaces limited
  • Enter your details for my super duper free ebook
  • Ring today offer expires at midnight tonight
  • Only 5 spaces remaining

Allowing content to get stale. As busy as you are you must not allow this to happen. Make sure your website is up to date and that you have an active blog. If people enjoy your blogs they will return and may make a sale!

Using poorly written copy. The text on your website needs to be carefully crafted (I am employing the services of a copywriter to rehash my site at the moment). You want to grab your visitors attention as soon as they arrive so that they take the action you require from them. Whether its to book your services or download your free ebook. Headlines are crucially important, you have around 8 seconds to grab their attention. Capture their interest using facts, stories,anecdotes etc. The copy needs to answer your visitors question “whats in this for me?”

Not offering a free high value gift to encourage visitors to sign up. The offer of a free newsletter was once enough to entice visitors to give you their contact details but that is no longer the case. Your visitor wants something of value, an information guide, a how to video series or a free trial.

Not using testimonials on your website. Testimonials are one of your biggest marketing tools in your arsenal. They show visitors people are using your services and are singing from the rooftops about you. Make sure you give these prominence on your website.

I hope this gives you an insight into making your websites work better for you. Takeaway points:

Create a sales funnel (free thing)

Visitor opts in

Added to your mailing list

You remarket to them with useful content

Prospect buys your service

Prospect refers friends and family

Claire Hunter

Social Media Marketer

Claire is a social media and digital marketing expert specialising in the fitness industry.
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