How Would You Create Your Marketing Blueprint For Success?

Untitled design (39)A one step marketing system is the biggest failure you can make when it comes to your business

This is when you attempt to create a “buy my shit” campaign via advertising, a sales page or a Facebook or Twitter Promotion. The client must then and there make the decision to buy. If they decide not  to buy and ignore you, you have lost them forever. You have lost the chance to nurture a relationship with them to grow their trust in your brand. You have lost that sale and any future sale with them.

A more effective process is to set up a 3 step marketing system.

  1. Make contact and offer valuable information or a high value free gift (you can use Facebook and Twitter to advertise this) in return for their contact details.
  2. Build a relationship through regular contact that continue to offer value
  3. Nurture the relationship until they are ready to buy your product or service

Most business owners make the mistake that people will buy their shit instantly. You must woo your prospects into thinking they simply cannot live without you.  Get them on your lowest cost offering until they are familiar with you enough to consider your highest priced packages.

To make this easy you must offer a range of services at different prices.

Continue to nurture the relationship so they stay with you and continue buying your services.

Boost your sales by offering them an upsell or cross-sell product.

You need to overcome their resistance to buy. Offer multiple payment options to make it easier to buy your services.

  1. Early Bird Discounts
  2. Paypal
  3. Direct Debit
  4. Payment Plans

Offer enticing bonuses that are of very low cost to you. Put a monetary value on the offer, ie receive this bonus recipe book worth £57 absolutely free if you sign up today.

Finding new clients takes time,money and effort. It makes sense to upsell to your existing clients rather than burn all your energy on acquiring X amount of new clients each month.

Unless your clients know what you have to offer and the benefits to them, they probably won’t buy. Keep them informed by thanking them for existing business and telling them what else you have to offer.

Make a point of underselling and over delivering.

When you exceed their expectations they will be delighted by your service and will naturally want to refer you to all their friends and family.

Set some marketing objectives

  1. Client Retention
  2. Increase Sales From Current Clients
  3. Increase Number Of New Clients

How are you going to improve your marketing today?

Claire Hunter

The Social Media Concierge




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