How To Present Like A Pro – The Art Of Public Speaking

Everybody is a public speaker. Whatever the situation, being able to speak in public is essential to success. You can have the most logical argument possible, but in order to truly teach, inform, persuade, or defend, you need to present your ideas with conviction and confidence.



Yet this is often easier said than done. Many of us have a deep fear of public speaking. Or we think it’s just an intuitive talent that can’t be learned.

Look For Speaking Opportunities

Check your email and local publications to find opportunities for speaking engagements. Look out for opportunities to speak or exhibit at local trade shows. Perhaps a local business show will want a talk on fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle. Contact local businesses and business centres to see if they have any healthy living events coming up.

Organise Your Presentation

Organise it along the following lines:

  1. An introduction
  2. Main body of your talk
  3. A summary of your main points

Repeat your main point roughly around 3 times so it is remembered and understood.

Begin A Talk With Questions


Using a whiteboard allows you to write



Starting your presentation with a question will immediately get your audience interacting. It will give you a quick overview of your audiences needs and you can tailor your talk to answer these questions.

Don’t Go Over Your Allotted Time

People won’t mind if you finish early but if you run over your time people will start to get fidgety and switch off.

Offer A Handout With Your Presentation

Do give out a handout. If it’s a slide show presentation give them a copy of the slides to refer back to. Encourage them to make notes. Include your website address and a contact number.

Avoid Boring Your Audience To Death

Prepare visuals that you show briefly. Use them to show,demonstrate and create excitement. Use bright bold colours.

Gather Attendees Names For Your Email List

Offer an information guide or a follow up piece to get email addresses of attendees.

And most of all make sure you mentally rehearse your talk first!


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