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I’ve been working with Claire over the past eight months to streamline and provide structure so my business could have greater impact with social media. I happy to say that its been a success and a great investment given the ever changing way in which social media evolves.

I work exclusively within health and fitness and yet I found that I was spending more and more time trying to master the technical side of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. Trying to figure out how much information should go out and when. Harder still was trying to find the time to write content, design adverts and yet keep up with the day to day appointments from clients. Something had to give and that was when I found Claire.

I’ve always believed in working to your skill set and wherever possible free up some time by outsourcing various tasks. I already outsourced my website development work so why not the social media element too? These days I don’t have to spend time trying to understand the ever changing face of Facebook reach and retention, or how to get the best out of power editor, Claire does all that. I don’t have to worry about timing Facebook and Twitter posts, or which hashtags to use, or how best to position myself online, Claire does that.

I can focus on creating content and helping people improve their lives knowing Claire will take care of the technical elements. She invests in herself like I do by staying on top of the latest changes and opportunities, and she will help guide you and suggest ways you can improve your online presence.

So if you need help then don’t delay, just ‪#‎callclaire‬

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