Are You Targeting Your Facebook Ads Correctly?

Are you using Facebook Ads targeting to speak to the relevant audience?

People often come to me and ask me Claire, do Facebook Ads really work? I’ve tried them in the past and they have been an epic failure.  I listen to these comments and find it a little surprising. Although everyone won’t get the same results, some people are going to see great ad performance and some not so much. And while I don’t doubt that some are seeing poor ad results through Facebook, in general, my internal response to this is usually “you’re probably not doing them correctly”.

Facebook is becoming the most advanced advertising platform ever created. You can pretty much target anybody by what products they buy, how much they earn and even what mobile device they use.

So if this is the case why do YOUR ad campaigns fail when others don’t.

Are you targeting your niche correctly. Simply targeting an audience of age 18-45, living in London is a pretty broad target base in the hopes that they are interested in your wares. For example lets look at a client I have who sells high end personal training services in the City of London. To target their niche correctly this is a list of targeting options I use:

Firstly we have bulk uploaded th locations of their premises and added a 10km radius. This will target ALL people in a 10km radius of all their premises.

Next we want to look at their ideal client. They want to target people who have disposable income who are male between the ages of 30-40. First we change the age range and change the audience to male only. This will now target all males with a 10km radius aged 30-40.

We also want to target them by their income range so we add this in the demographics section and pick the income brackets we want to use. So now we have targeted all males age 30-40 who earn above a certain income within a 10km radius.

We now want to target these guys further so we emply a nift little trick. We now have a profile built of our ideal client BUT we want to target the above profile but want people amongst this group who have specific interests. Once you have built this audience click on the narrow audience and start to build a list of interests. For this client the majority of his clients would be into bodybuilding so we add things like:


  • Muscle and Fitness Magazine
  • Flex Magazine
  • Body Building
  • Protein
  • Supplement Brands
  • Muscle Foods

This will now narrow down the males who live in a 10km radius, aged 30-40, earn a certain salary and MATCH one of the above interest groups.

So as you can see from the above case study Facebook Ads can be targeted down to most minute of interests and behaviors, the most intricate audience matches can be used to reach highly relevant audiences with your ad campaigns.

Facebook ad targeting is VERY powerful. You should be using Facebook’s advanced targeting options to target your ideal customers. This should give you a boost in your ads performance if you feel they aren’t working for you.





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