Testimonial From A Facebook Advertising Client

Here is a Testimonial from a client I recently helped out with a Facebook Advertising campaign.

She had no idea how to go about advertising so I set up her tracking pixels, created a custom audience pixel and wrote her ad content for her. I then talked her through how to set any future ads up.”


“I came to Claire totally clueless about what I was going to do about Facebook advertising. I was new to Facebook advertising and stuck. Claire calmed me down and gently took over thank goodness. She set up the advert and put the pixels in. I felt relaxed that I had a professional to help as I did not have any idea of how to go about this. Claire also went beyond what she was meant to do and also gave me a lesson on what to do in the future with Facebook advertising. Claire you are the best and thank you for your support. Anyone out there who is a novice like me at PPC please contact Claire she is amazing.”


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