Testimonial From A Gym Franchise

Dean Crouch

Area Manager

Energie Fitness North East

As a fitness club operator working in a competitive and expanding industry we have always been looking to develop products and services that really stand out from the crowd.

We knew social media could have a real impact on our membership sales and with this in mind we had set out to find a professional company who could provide this service for the club.

We had used two companies prior to Claire (The Social Media Concierge) and still did not really see much improvement in our sales numbers.

We just did not stand out from the crowd so we needed a company to come on board with fresh ideas and good knowledge of membership sales and the fitness industry.

Claire, as a former PT and group exercise instructor, seemed very different to the rest. From the first meeting she had some great ideas to really stand out from the crowd and we can now boast Facebook ads with national recognition and we have seen an increase in membership sales of over 100 per month.

Claire now oversees our social media for the entire region and we are continuing to have great success.

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