The Return Of Job Title Targeting

Facebook is reinstating job title targeting

So if you recall (lets face who couldn't forget it) Facebook went through a bit of turmoil earlier this year with data breaches and scandals. 

During this time they deactivated a lot of targeting options. This caused a lot of unrest in the marketing world due to the inability to target people by income brackets, job titles, fields of study and so on. 

Facebook calls these "partner categories" 

Now normally it's usually doom and gloom with Facebook but this time the latest announcements are all GOOD NEWS!

HURRAH to the return of job title targeting. 

I'm so excited by this announcement!

As of today I have not received the roll out of job title targeting but have been informed it's currently in a roll out to all accounts. 

Facebook is rolling the following targeting options back in

Fields Of Study

Targets users by what subject they studied at university. 

Job Title

Targets users by their listed job title.

School Or University

Targets users by their current or past school or university.  


Targets users by their listed place of work.  

I spotted these new options in behaviour targeting

New Targeting Sections To Facebook Page Admins! 

 I spotted these new targeting options appear today underneath:

Behaviours > Digital Activities 

These are great if you have a specific niche you work with that falls into the above categories. 

What would you use them for? 

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  1. By Amy Posted on August 13, 2018

    sounds like good news to me! I think they also kind of had to bring this back in order to compete with LinkedIn paid marketing, would you agree?

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