The Secrets To A Successful Webinar

  1. Test audio before you go live
  2. Make sure you ask questions ie can you hear me okay
  3. Request social sharing
  4. Make sure you have your recording switched on if you want to send out the replay
  5. Begin with an introduction but not too much waffle about yourself as this will make people switch off
  6. Tell them the agenda
  7. Let them know what to expect
  8. Tell them briefly about your story, any endorsements (as seen on local tv etc) and your struggles


Main Part Of Webinar

Give them some data

What problems are you going to help them solve?

Engage with your guests by asking questions

Use case studies

Give them good, useful content

Introduce a new problem

Give them the solution

List the benefits

Use testimonials

Give them a guarantee

If you have something to upsell give a price breakdown

Add a call to action (sign up today)

Offer a bonus for signing up today

End with a Q and A session


Send replay to non attendees

Send out a questionaire or a poll

Send replay to attendees

Text a link to replay out using

Convert webinar to an online course series

Add to your membership site

Convert to an automated webinar

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