Tips To Improve Your SEO Rankings

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  • Write content people will want to share. To attract traffic to your website you must be producing good quality content that people will want to read and share.
  • Write content that nobody else is writing about. I like to write Social Media tips with no fluff or smoke and mirrors.
  • Make sure you are writing content regularly. Make yourself an editorial calendar to keep you on track.
  • Use good quality keywords. If you want your website to get noticed you will want to have  keywords or keyword phrases in your content. This doesn’t mean that you should use the same keywords throughout your website, it means that you should at least target a variation of certain keywords that you use on different content.
  • Use a keyword in your domain name if possible. I made sure I had the phrase “social media” in mine.
  • Make your search words stand out, try adding these in a bold font.
  • Share your content on Social Media. You want more eyes on your content right? Make sure you are monitoring Social in your Google Anayltics dashboard to see which social channels work best for you. For me currently Facebook generates the most traffic so I run my content to a paid ad regularly targeting my ideal clients. A little known trick is to pin your content to a Pinterest board to direct traffic back to your own website. Try running some paid Twitter ads to a webcard. I explain how to set these up here How To Set Up A Twitter Webcard
  • Sign up to Triberr. If you aren’t familiar with this it’s a community of bloggers who will share your content to their Social Media channels. I’m currently trialling this to see what traffic it generates.


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Claire is a Social Media consultant who specialises in Facebook Advertising. She hates to be called a guru and likes to explain things without any fluffy airy fairy nonsense.

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