My Top 80 Ideas For Fitness Blogs

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Do you ever sit in front of your computer ready to write a really great blog but cant think of anything to write? Here you go, heres a list to keep you going for a while.


My Top 80 Fitness Blog Post Ideas


A celebrity in the news and their exercise routines. Charlotte off Geordie Shore is pretty high profile at the moment.

A relevant upcoming event that you’re attending (A workshop or course you have been on)

A relevant event you’ve been to (Anything new you have learnt, any new equipment you have bought)

A health or fitness product you’re using

Any Supplements or products you’ve used you want to recommend

A product you’re thinking of using

Disagree with a celebrity personal trainer and back it up with fact

A health and fitness magazine that you like and why

Your favourite healthy meal (Perhaps a youtube vid cooking it)

Your favourite cheat meal

One of your personal training clients success stories, backed up with good transformation pics

A hurdle you’ve overcome in life, any accidents, health issues, weight issues you overcame to become a trainer

Why you became a personal trainer

You’re sporting past

Your favourite fitness person and why

Your favourite celebrity and why

Fitness apps you use on your phone

Your favourite fitness website

Your favourite motivational book

Why you do what you do with your clients

Upcoming training programs you’re implementing

Past training programs you’ve used

Holiday specific articles, like getting ready for Christmas holidays

A product that doesn’t work

A product that does work

What trainers you wear and why

Your opinion on different types of workout gear

Complain about a fitness television show

Praise a fitness television show

Write about the latest course you’ve taken

Write about all the courses you’ve taken

Write about courses you’re considering taking and how they will benefit your clients.

Complain about a celebrity personal trainer

Praise a celebrity trainer

Write why you wouldn’t want to be a celebrity personal trainer

Write why you should be a celebrity trainer

Explain what a celebrity personal trainer really is

Write about the gym you train your clients in

Write about why you’re a mobile personal trainer (if you are)

What sports/activities you like to do on the weekends

Holiday workout tips

Holiday eating tips

How to choose good foods in a supermarket, film yourself shopping maybe?

Get a client/member to guest write a testimonial pos

Write about health myths

Write a list of health facts

Make a list post of quick easy healthy recipes

Explain the importance of a good breakfast

Share fitness warnings, cautions or concerns you think your clients should know about

Interview a colleague or client

Host a poll on health and fitness, find out what your clients are doing or want to do

Run a contest on your blog

Write about a new website or blog you think your readers could benefit from

If you have a newsletter, write a post about what people who subscribe can expect

Write an FAQ post about your business/services

Find a good YouTube video, post it and write about what it means to you

Write a post about the plans for your fitness business for the next year

Write a post reviewing the year that you’ve had

Review a healthy nutrition book

Write about what gets you up in the morning

Write a funny post, maybe something that happened to you while training or training a client

Write about how personal training and the fitness industry has changed over say the past 10 years

Write an article about all of the services you offer

Debunk some myths about being a personal trainer

Write about a piece of equipment you saw advertised on TV

Have you ever bought a piece of fitness equipment you saw on TV?

Weight loss myths

Muscle gain myths

Nutrition myths

Your favourite exercises, film these and link to your youtube channel

Write only about a particular theme for one month; have a nutrition month for example

Take a stand on a particular topic; say for example you think that a cetain piece of equipment is a complete waste of time and money

Write about a mistake you’ve made and what you learned from it

Review a sports supplement or vitamin

Write about and invite your readers to join your other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter

Find a funny piece of fitness equipment (there’s some junk out there) and review it, the tug toner is a good one (look it up on youtube)

Write a post about some tricks that most people don’t know about like how easy it is to improve your deadlifting pb’s

Write about any awards you’ve won

Write about and highlight any online or offline articles you’ve had published

Write about a cause or charity that you believe in and support

I would love to see your next blog! Post a link in the comments below and I will share it on my social media channels for you. Good Luck!



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