Twitter Will Increase The Limit On Dm Characters

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Twitter has announced  today that DMs will no longer be capped at 140 characters. Now they will be limited to 10,000 characters.

Twitter’s Sachin Agarwal informed developers of the news ahead of the change, which will be rolled out to users in July. There is no official date for the change.

Not entirely sure I like this due to the sheer volume of automated messages I receive. I very rarely bother to read my DM box as its full of junk messages saying things like thanks for following me, connect with me on Linkedin/ Facebook blargh blargh blargh.

So this could open the floodgates to being bombarded with buy my shit, here’s a great business opportunity etc etc. TIP, never message me saying you have a great business opportunity for me as it instantly puts me off even reading the rest of the message. I am all for garnering new connections and business relationships on social media but not by coming up and giving me the equivalent of a digital slap to buy your shit or join your team.

However if you want to stop people who don’t follow you annoying the crap out of you with spam messages, here is how.

You can do that by unchecking the “Receive Direct Messages from anyone” box in the Security and privacy sections in Twitter’s settings.

More of my down to earth top tips on social media coming next time.


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