How To Use Twitter Webcards To Grow Your Email List

Did you know you can use Twitter webcards and run them to an email sign up page on your website?

1. Login to your Twitter ads account.

twitter card 12. Click the tab marked creatives and select cards, from the drop down box.

3. Select tab marked website

4. Create website card

twitter card 25. Add image. Make sure your image is 800 x 380 pixels. I recommend using to create this, I’ve just used a random picture I created in these screenshots.

6. Enter the URL on your website

7. Add an eye catching headline. Something like Download Our Free Healthy Recipe Book Here

8. Select a call to action button

9. Name the card

10. Create card

twitter card 411. Create tweet using the webcard

twitter card 512. You can then either send this out to your followers only or use to create a paid advertising campaign.

twitter card 6

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