Are You Using Your Social Media Channels To Their Full Potential?

Guest Post From Social Sidekick

Read more from my partners social sidekick on why you might not be using your social media channels to their full potential

Turnerlittle have recently analysed figures from the Office for National Statistics and discovered that only 60% of businesses are using social media.

Are you in the 40% of businesses who are neglecting this key marketing tool? 

For many small businesses, lack of time, resource, and knowledge prevents their social media platforms being managed efficiently, if at all. This is where a social media management agency is the ideal solution to give small businesses peace of mind that everything is being taken care of by experts in the industry.

You may be wondering, ‘what’s all the fuss about?’ Well, the benefits of social media marketing can be broken down extensively, but here are just some of the best reasons which you should consider when deciding where to invest your marketing budget this year.

  • Relationship building
  • It allows your business to express personality
  • It can help drive traffic to your website
  • It can help with SEO
  • You can respond to complaints quickly
  • It builds brand loyalty and repeat business
  • People can easily recommend your service
  • The advertising ROI can be incredible

All these benefits sound perfect for a small business looking to grow, but they aren’t as easy to achieve as simply writing a tweet and pressing send. A lot of thought needs to go into a comprehensive social media strategy which aligns your goals with the tactics you need to use.

Here’s a brief summary of what needs to go into your social media strategy:

  • Goals and objectives - what do you want to achieve? Be specific, e.g. increasing web sales revenue from social media traffic by 20% in 6 months.
  • Target audience - who will you be writing your marketing messages to? What platforms are your target audience using?
  • Competitors - what is your competition doing which you could be utilising too? What are your competitors doing well, and not so well?
  • Platforms and tactics - what platforms should you be using? What activity should you be doing on these platforms?
  • Budget - what is your total budget for social media marketing? How will this be split between the platforms?
  • Team roles - who will be responsible for what? When do certain tasks need to be completed by?

This is starting to give you an idea of what is involved in implementing a successful social media campaign, and highlighting the areas which you may not have yet considered.

The next step is making sure all your social media platforms are well-presented and are clearly branded. Your company page will be the place interested parties visit to find out more about your business, so it is crucial that you make a good and lasting impression.

Design an attractive cover photo which appeals to the eye and suits your brand perfectly. Add a profile picture - we recommend using a high resolution copy of your business’s logo so you are easily identifiable within user’s feeds.

Complete the ‘about’ sections of your profiles with as much information as you can, specifically making sure you have listed all the appropriate contact details - you don’t want to miss out on a potential lead!

When all that is done, you are ready to get posting! Think carefully about your tactics before you start to post. Are you using the right hashtags? Does the image look good? Does the copy read well? Are you using an effective call to action?

Once you have started posting to your social media pages, the key is consistency. You don’t need to post 5 times a day every single day. If you did, you’d find you ran out of time and content very quickly. Go at a steady pace which is easily maintainable, and if you do find you are running out of time, or maybe not earning the results you expected, consider speaking to a social media management agency, such as Social Sidekick, who can guide you in the right direction or take over complete management so you can rest assured your pages are being effectively managed.

Social Sidekick’s social media management prices start from just £150 per month, for which you will have daily organic posts going to your social media pages, complete monitoring of all social media messages and engagement, a social media strategy, monthly reports and a dedicated account manager.

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