Are You Utilising Video Ads Into Your Marketing Plan Updated

Are you using Facebook Video Ads in your marketing campaigns?

So if you follow me on social media you will know I like to keep abreast of whats working with Facebook Ads and whats not! I’ve recently been working with a client who has some really cool videos and suggested we utilised these into his ad campaigns. If you’re using Facebook Ads regularly you will know it can work out quite expensive to run ads to “buy my shit” posts.

Back in the dark ages when I first started out with Facebook Ads it was possible to run these a plenty and get sales and leads easily from them. Fast forward a couple of years and times are a changing.

My biggest piece of advice re Facebook Advertising has and always will be don’t run ads to a cold audience and expect them to come beating down your door expecting them to buy your latest product or service.

That’s all well and good for me to say ( I am the expert after all). So here’s my take on what will work best.

Run your first ad to some free content. A blog post, a video or a free article. For the sakes of todays blog we will discuss doing this with a video.

So my client has some cracking testimonials on video so we decided to use them to warm up a cold audience. We ran a series of ads to his target audience who were interested in his niche product.

Now here comes the clever bit. You can actually create custom audiences from the video ad and see when people are dropping off your video.

First though lets take a look at how much the original video ads were costing. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED AT HOW CHEAP THEY ACTUALLY ARE!



So as you can see from this screenshot the video views are costing 0.004p each!


How much did you say Claire? Yup, you heard correctly in old english money thats not even a half pence!

Ok Claire, now what do I do with all these people that have viewed the video?

Unfortunately with Facebook being Faceboook the call to action at end of video only shows if you view video until the end.

Naturally you will have people who will click to view and will last about 10 seconds and drop off. My tip is make your videos short, sharp and simple. Tell them what they need to do next. Run the ad to a page on your website to opt them into something (more on this in a bit).

Going to press Facebook currently allows videos of up to an hour (personally if you sent me an ad for that I would be bored if it was that long, I dont have time to watch a film never mind your sales video if its that long). Keep them to around 3-10 mins depending on what you are selling. Instagram allows no longer than 1 minute for videos so you need to quickly get to the point if you want to run them to Instagram.

Facebook has recently rolled out a nifty new feature to allow you to build custom audiences from where people are dropping off the video. I would be retargeting anyone who viewed more than 50% of your video and run them another ad to opt into something. You can then retarget them again with your shiny new product via your CRM or via another ad, or both. Remember what I said earlier about not running your ads to a cold audience. So as you can see we have gone from an ice cold audience who have never heard of you to a super hot audience hanging on your every word and desperate to buy your product or service. Makes sense huh?! Now to put this system in place DO NOT I repeat DO NOT leave this until the day before you launch a new service or it will fall flat on it’s ass. If I had a $1 for everyone I’ve consulted with on projects who leave it too late I’d be mega rich! Give yourself time to grow a band of eager followers utilising this system.

Okay lets take a look at these custom audience malarkeys then.

So to set these up you need to head over to your adverts manager. On the top left of your screen there’s a drop down menu. From there select audiences and create audiences.


Select the option which says engagement on Facebook then select video.

You are then given a pop up box to create the audience.

TIP. You will need to create an audience for each option ie where they dropped off the video.

You have the option of

  • viewed at least 3 seconds
  • viewed at least 10 seconds
  • viewed at least 25%
  • viewed at least 50%
  • viewed at least 75%
  • viewed at least 90%

I would disregard the first three but they are useful to set up to see how many viewers are dropping off where to review your content accordingly.


Now you are hit with the above pop up box. Click on choose a content type and select which action you want to track. As I said earlier you will have to do each one as a seperate audience.

Now you should get just below that “select videos”. Click there and go to the Facebook Page with the video on and select the video

Once you start to run your video ad you should see the audiences start to build up quite rapidly.



Here’s one I prepared earlier. The people who have viewed more of the video are where the gold lies.

From here I would set up a new campaign to the audiences of 50% and above to opt in to something


Remember that client from earlier? Here’s what happened when we retargeted the video ads to book a consultation.


So when we ran the retargeting ad we ran this to a “book a consultation” form.  This generated 321 consultations at a cost of 0.01p each with over a 10% click thru rate (this is good). If you had ran that straight to the book a consultation form you probably would of been lucky to get a 1% click thru rate and the costs would have been far higher.

So as you can see from this case study of Facebook video ads it pays dividends to get a system in place before you launch.

Hope you have found this blog useful and will think of putting a system in place before you throw all your money at your Facebook Ad campaigns. 


Claire is a Facebook Advertising Consultant living in Crete,Greece. When she’s not consulting with brands and running done for you Facebook Ad Campaigns, you will find her swimming down her local beach in Elounda. She insist’s her profile picture is a real resemblance to her minus her tan.


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