Ways To Get Creative With Facebook Ads Retargeting




Research shows that it takes about 15-20 times for a person to see your content before taking action on a website.
So showing ads back to people who have visited your website will remind them about your products, and offers and get them to take action sooner.

In todays blog I am going to show you several ways to get clever with your retargeting pixels. I will presume you have set up the Facebook retargeting pixel and know how to create a custom audience.














As you can see here I have created an audience from anyone who has visited any page on my website. This is a good option to create brand awareness and to get people to revisit your site to download a free opt in or to read more of your content.

Now say I wanted to target a user who visited a specific page on my site. In this example I am going to pretend I run an online shoe shop. I have a surplus stock of red shoes and I want to run a sale on them. I’m going to track everyone who went to my domain /redshoes

Now I am building an audience of website visitors who have visited any pages on my URL for /redshoes  The chances are if they have looked in the past  they are most likely to be in the market for a pair of red shoes. You could then send them an ad saying you have a sale on red shoes. You can track previous traffic up to 180 days in the past.

Now I’m going to delve further into the mind of the red shoe buyer. I want to retarget everybody who visited the pages for red shoes and added a pair of red shoes to their shopping cart. Because they have bought from me in the past they are likey to buy from me again. I could send them information on new stock, a sale or even shoe polish. I’m going to create a custom combination of terms to track.

So now I can target anyone who has visited that specific page AND made an intent to purchase by adding the product to their shopping cart.

Now what happens if I want to target somebody who abandoned their shopping cart mid purchase? The doorbell rang, the dog wanted out or the internet crashed. They might of just had second thoughts that they couldn’t really afford the nice red shoes. Can you tell I like shoes! Hey I’m a girl don’t judge me. So now I am tracking everyone who went to the red shoes url, added item to the shopping cart BUT never got to the thanks for your order page.

So you could now retarget these with an ad that the sale ends Friday dont forget to complete your order. I would retarget to these immediately to catch them with the intent to purchase.


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