How To Win At Twitter And Gain Clients

Untitled design (39)Any business offering a service requires a constant source of fresh leads in the pipeline.

I am a big fan of using Twitter for business purposes.

Lets take a look at some ways this can help you!

Build Relationships 

Twitter is not a sales tool. Start shouting buy my shit constantly and people will soon switch off, and you’ll scare off rather than attract clients.

Twitter is a great tool for building relationships. When you’ve established a relationship with someone, then you can reach out and pitch your services. You’ll need to build up trust. And you’ll know whether it’s worthwhile pitching them, because you’ll have found out whether they’re your target client.

Have A Kickass Bio

Twitter is a great place for forging new business  relationships, so it’s a good idea to make your bio shine with personality and a bit of fizz and sparkle.

But if all your bio says is that you love your kids and read romance novels every night, you proobbbably aren’t going to pick up any clients anytime soon.

Your bio should explain what you do and how you help people.  Add a few interesting bulletpoints about yourself if you must tell them of your love of romance novels. Make sure you use some appropriate hashtags but dont overdo it!

claire twitter

Here is mine as an example. As you can see I help businesses with digital marketing and specialise in facebook ad campaigns. So you can instantly see what I do and how I could help your business. And as everybody knows I love travelling and shoes (until I broke my foot but thats in a previous blog).




Connect With Influencers

Basically, we mean you should reach out to the people who can help you achieve your business goals and connect with your clients. These could be:

  • Thought leaders in your industry (who can give you promotional clout)
  • Your ideal clients
  • People who can put you in touch with your ideal clients

My recommendation for this is to join some twitter networking hours to connect with local businesses. Try using a tool such as and create a stream of the #hashtag you want to follow and interact with.

Run Searches For Conversations From People Who Want What You Have

For example use a tool such as which has geolocation and search in your area for questions such as “I need a personal trainer”. Don’t whatever you do send them landing page links to your sales pages as that will just piss people off. You could be personable drop them a tweet saying you are a trainer and do they need any help? This has in many instances resulted into a conversion into a sale.

Have you had any great successes from using Twitter?

I would love to hear from you in the comments box!


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