Facebook Advertising Consultant
Claire Hunter

Hi. I’m Claire, and I just love Facebook Advertising.

Now I want to be able to train YOU in the Dark Arts of Facebook Advertising too!

I am here to help YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS.

Why do I want to do this?

I retired from my career as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer back in 2013 and I’ve always had a huge interest in the marketing side of my business.

So I decided I wanted to set up a business that would help me share my knowledge of Social Media Marketing with the rest of the business world, as (let’s face it), most business Social Media is crap: Bland, boring, dull and lifeless. Ring a bell?

I’ve been specialising in Facebook Advertising for the past 4 years and know exactly how to use Facebook to achieve success in your business, regardless of your niche.

Whether you’re looking to increase sales leads in your business by running Facebook Ads, or if you want to EASILY drive traffic to your website or blog content – or (hey) – JUST grow brand awareness (cheaper than TV slots, let me tell you!)…

So, The Social Media Concierge was born. That’s me, that is!

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